Virtual and Augmented Reality

The augmented reality game Pokémon Go took the world by storm in 2016, being downloaded over 500 million times and becoming one of the most used apps in the world.  VR Cinema is a movie theatre in Europe that lets moviegoers view the same movie through different perspectives, thanks to their VR headset.  At Cedar Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, doctors have found that using virtual reality to let chronically ill patients escape their hospital room to virtually swim with whales or hike a national park decreases their pain and alleviates stress. 


     Over the next 24 months we’re set to see close to ten augmented reality glasses enter the marketplace, and big companies like Apple, Facebook, Google, and Snap recently laid out expansive strategies to deal with this technology.  Everyday business is set to be disrupted by these emerging technologies also, as businesses use virtual reality to simulate their business for cost savings.   This is now, so come along as we explore how our world is changing drastically due to virtual and augmented reality and what we need to do to keep up.

Lajuan Morris