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Lajuan Morris
Breaking Into the Gaming Industry

Find out from creatives and gatekeepers the best ways to make it into the gaming industry.  Instead of listen the rambles of recruiters, this panel provides an opportunity to hear the advice and opinions of those who matter the most- industry insiders.  With panelist spanning independent to AAA gahankme development in traditional video games and mixed reality, they can cover any aspect you’re interested in.  From skill development, resume building, recruiter screening, and beyond, they will provide you the information you need to get closer to your dream position.

Lajuan Morris
Branding and Digital Marketing

Can anyone hear what your brand is saying? The digital marketing landscape is evolving at a rapid pace, and if you’re not keeping up, it's likely falling behind. Its important for a business to learn how to communicate with their target market using the platforms at their fingertips. Learn from successful entrepreneurs on how to boost your companies visibility and improve your reputation.

Lajuan Morris
Digital Disruption in Film & TV

Hollywood has been hacked.  Disruption of film and television by new digital platforms has turned Hollywood’s traditional business model on its head.  This is a good thing, as avid fans of compelling content, digital platforms have given us more access than ever before reducing barriers to entry increasing the number of voices able to participate.  Big corporations like Netflix, Amazon, and Apple, to smaller platforms like Hulu and Vimeo, are all searching for content to grow subscriber bases.  This not only has drastically altered consumer viewing habits, but also shifted the traditional economic equation for both film and television. 


This panel will engage in a spirited discussion around the changing landscape in entertainment due to new innovative ways to make content, distribution shifts due to content availability on devices like Roku and Apple TV, and newly formed viewing habits by consumers due to digital disruption. 

Lajuan Morris

The use of the imagination for self-development and social change is one of the more powerful tenets of Afrofuturism.  In this workshop, Dr. Renaldo Anderson and Dr. Lonny Brooks will lead participants in hacking up the card game “The Thing from the Future” to guide the audience through thought provoking descriptions of civic minded artifacts to reinvent pathways to learning, teaching, inventing and communicating in ways to help shape the future.

Lajuan Morris
STEAM- Will you be ready?

With the broadening impact of technology on more and more industries there are considerable efforts to increase the pool of skilled labor expected to be in high demand.  Who has adequate access to STEAM education and career preparation?  Where do we need to focus to be ready?


This panel invites timely discussion among those leading the way with narrowing the STEAM skills gap for communities of color.  Topics to include current and emerging technologies in the K-12 classroom, the latest in STEAM curriculum, and steps taken to remove barriers and provide access to all.

Lajuan Morris
Wearable Technology


In the future, are we all cyborgs? It’s not that far fetched of a question as technology continues to modify the world around us, creating a tech infrastructure that is directly connected to our bodies. When we think of Wearable Tech, the first products that come to mind are the Fitbit and the Apple Watch, but we are beginning to see technology being incorporated into the very fabric of the things we wear. From web connected interactive glasses, to chips imbedded in our clothing and bodies, wearable technology is opening up new possibilities of connectivity and expression in our expanding digital world. The purpose of this panel is to explore how the Internet of Things is making the leap from external devices like laptops and cellphones to integrate with our physical selves at a breakneck speed, and what we may become as a result.

Lajuan Morris
Monetizing Music

Ten years ago, the way we consumed music looked a lot different than it does today. Rapid advancements in technology make for an ever-changing musical landscape. What remains constant is that music is found in all mediums of entertainment, which creates opportunities to monetize music. We will explore Music Licensing and the important steps to take such as mixing, mastering to broadcast quality, registering and copyrighting your music before it is submitted for placement. 


This panel will dive into multiple ways to monetize your music by publishing them to Digital Stores such as iTunes and Spotify, the importance of Digital Music Marketing to utilize social media and digital outlets to engage fans with your content, collaborating with brands, and exploiting the newly created streams to monetizing your music.

Lajuan Morris
Virtual and Augmented Reality

The augmented reality game Pokémon Go took the world by storm in 2016, being downloaded over 500 million times and becoming one of the most used apps in the world.  VR Cinema is a movie theatre in Europe that lets moviegoers view the same movie through different perspectives, thanks to their VR headset.  At Cedar Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, doctors have found that using virtual reality to let chronically ill patients escape their hospital room to virtually swim with whales or hike a national park decreases their pain and alleviates stress. 


     Over the next 24 months we’re set to see close to ten augmented reality glasses enter the marketplace, and big companies like Apple, Facebook, Google, and Snap recently laid out expansive strategies to deal with this technology.  Everyday business is set to be disrupted by these emerging technologies also, as businesses use virtual reality to simulate their business for cost savings.   This is now, so come along as we explore how our world is changing drastically due to virtual and augmented reality and what we need to do to keep up.

Lajuan Morris