January 31, 2020

2020 VISION:  Bridging The Gap Between Black Millennials And Black Baby Boomers

By Roland Wiley | January 30, 2020 As we enter into the milestone era of the 2020’s, I can’t help to think about how I envisioned the year 2020 as a young architectural graduate in 1980.  The year 2020 was so far away and futuristic.  We had visions of flying cars, monorail trains, and telephones that actually showed the caller’s face, like on the Jetson’s cartoon show.  Well here we are in 2020, and short of flying cars, information technology has advanced our future farther than I could have ever imagined.  As a baby boomer, it has been difficult for me to change my habits and work process to maximize the benefits of the ever evolving developments in technology.  On the other hand, I see people in their 20’s (including my 2 sons) having totally integrated their entire life into a small handheld device called a smartphone. Notwithstanding this “digital […]
September 26, 2019

How Tech Can Both Connect & Disconnect Us

By Julian Newman | September 24, 2019 Most of us sit here with mobile phones that give us the option to tweet, post, text, surf the internet, send memes, check Instagram, call, video, pics, etc. It’s absolutely awesome. The explosion in fiber-optic bandwidth and wireless networks has given us exponential access and opportunities. In the early days of the Internet, what’s now commonplace was completely unthinkable. When AOL, Yahoo, and Alta Vista ruled the Internet roost, you could either check your email and look at a few pixelated images or talk on a telephone that was fastened to a wall. A very loud a bulky thing called a modem made all off this technological amazingness possible. That was the absolute limit of the Internet landscape back in the day. In what seems like a blink of time, the Internet went from two lane dirt road in the country to a […]
April 1, 2019

Third Times a Charm: TEC Conference Takes Over Leimert Park Village

By Terry Hart | March 31, 2019 On Saturday April 27th, 2019 the TEC Conference will take place in historic Leimert Park Village. The conference is a unique offering here in Los Angeles, as it focuses on highlighting the intersection of technology and entertainment to inspire individuals to embrace the opportunities that technological innovation is opening up. Hosted by TEC Leimert, a local non-profit, the conference’s goal is to serve as a vehicle to increasing tech resources and investment in the area. While making sure minority communities don’t miss the opportunities opened up by technological innovation. I sat down and spoke with Rashid Jones, co-founder and Director of TEC Leimert.  He talks about the inspiration for beginning the conference, and the future they hope to help foment. Why did you choose Leimert Park to host the conference? Leimert Park is the current cultural epicenter, the black mecca of Los Angeles. […]