We are at an historical moment when leadership is being defined by those who tell the best stories.  New, innovative digital platforms, now at the cutting edge of technology evolution, can provide storytellers access to compete for leadership into the 21st century.

South Los Angeles is a “blue ocean” for capital investment in tech collaborations, start-ups and incubator projects to help residents and business owners to reposition their community in the popular narrative. However, other Southern California destinations like Culver City, Century City, Santa Monica, Venice, even Downtown Los Angeles, have been the principal beneficiaries of recent capital investment in the area. The solution to connecting South Los Angeles to innovative digital platforms and the opportunity to compete for leadership into the 21st century is TEC.

TEC or Technology & Entertainment Convergence, is a conference that takes place in Leimert Park, Saturday, July 22.  Leimert Park is an iconic business and residential community with relevant venues to stage workshops and panels to engage attendees with thought leaders for the benefit of South Los Angeles. It is hosted by the Bringer of Hope Foundation (BHF) at UCLA, in partnership with Leimert Park luminaries like James Burke, Ben Caldwell, Fernando Pullum, Barbara Morrison, etc., to spark something akin to “South by Southwest”.  BHF at UCLA, a student organization utilizing partnerships with resourceful Leimert Park residents, current business owners, as well as the legacy of UCLA alumni in this pivotal part of South Los Angeles, is accepting the challenge to leverage Leimert Park’s profile to provide a context for urban professionals, K-12 students, business owners and residents that promises to create opportunities, increase access, engage resources, and benefit South Los Angeles.