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FEBRUARY 24, 2018


The Technology and Entertainment Conference is TEC Leimert's marquee event where the Leimert Park Village is activated with a day of conferences dedicated to educating the community on innovations in technology and entertainment. Panels and workshops will include a diverse range of topics primarily focused on Culture, Education, Technology, Music, Film/TV, Sports/Health, and Gaming.

Want to know how to break into the Video Game business or where the future of Film and TV content is headed or maybe how to create better brand awareness for your business?  TEC LEIMERT is bringing industry experts and thought leaders from top companies including Sony Pictures, Crackle, Samsung, Creative Artist Agency, Live Nation, Universal and more!

A glimpse of what we have in store for our 2018 iteration of TEC Leimert!


About the  Conference


TEC Leimert is a collaborative platform where urban professionals, entrepreneurs and students can engage with industry experts, thought leaders and influencers. The TEC Conference is an investment to bring the future of technology and entertainment to an audience ready for access to new and innovative opportunities that will help them thrive in the 21st century.



  • “I had a great time.  It’s good to be in Leimert. It’s good to see people in the community that are creating content, that have the curiosity and are looking to make sure stories are represented that represent us.” – Chad Gordon (Partner)
  • ".....I can truly say that I was pleasantly surprised.... I particularly received a ton of doable nuggets from the digital Marketing workshop that i have incorporated into my business"-Octavia Reliford (Business Owner)
  • People who work in media will greatly benefit from attending the TEC conference.  As the Publisher of the Los Angeles Standard Newspaper, I have to create a strong web presence and have a great knowledge of social media platforms so that I can maximize the publication’s reach.  I also have to have other technological skills to run this business." -Jason Lewis (Publisher)
  • “My experience here at TEC has been awesome.  To be able to see so many people, from different backgrounds…be able to come together as artists, technicians, from different sides of the business – from content creators, all the way up to executives, to investors…to commit to enhance, grow and get insights.”  - Alton Glass (Writer/Director/ Producer)
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TEC Leimert is a personal mission to elevate the lives of others. Join our efforts to invest in the rich culture of South Los Angeles. This community is bubbling with promise and we want you to become a key asset in connecting with the vision. As a sponsor, you will be able to showcase your brand in front of local technology, entertainment, and related industry professionals, students, and business owners and show your commitment to the Leimert Park and South Angeles community.

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